Metals filter

       These products used to refrigerator system,Air conditioner system,Refrigerator and Cooling system in Automotive industries.We have many types of products depend on our customer requirements such as Air filters for protect dust,Water filters and Liquid filters.

Metals Filters

        These products are mainly used for Electronics industry and cooling system.The materials made from bronze and stainless steel depend on application and customer requirements.

Brass ring

This is brass rings using for special job requested.

Pump strainer

This part is the component of air compressor pump.

Special metal filter 5

These products is a Metals filters for the Lawn mowers.

Metals filters for Air silencer

This part is a metal filter for protect dust and silencer.

Metal filter long type

Long type of Metals Filters.

Metal filter for Air compressor system

Metal filter for Air compressor system.

Special metal filter 2 (Injection part)

This parts is metal filter using for assembly with injection parts.

Special metal filter 3
Special metal filter 4 (Assembly with injection part)
FILTER TANK (For fluid filter)

This part made from stainless steel and using for liquid filter.